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February 4, 2022

May 17, 2021

Digital Therapeutics & the Promise of Revolutionary Mental Health Care

Innovative therapeutic support tools called digital therapeutics provide data-driven insights and interventions that support clinical outcomes for care providers and patients.

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Kaleb Stropkovics

What happens when things go digital?  

From streaming, ecommerce, and online banking, to Zoom meetings and social media — most aspects of our lives have become more accessible, secure, and efficient thanks to digitization.

With the rest of the world running online, mental health care is starting to catch up with innovative technological advancements. But the industry is no stranger to the pangs involved with lacking digital resources.  

Communication and data gaps have made it challenging for clinicians to do their jobs in helping individuals heal. Their clients continue to suffer with disorders thought to be treatment-resistant. The lack of transparency into patient status prevents accurate diagnoses and targeted treatment methods.  

Digital therapeutics are here to change all of that with integrative, data-backed toolsets to drive therapy outcomes.

What Are Digital Therapeutics?

With digital therapeutics in their infancy, real-world examples beyond intention are few. Therefore, new and developing platforms, such as MINDCURE’s iSTRYM, are laying the foundation for digital therapeutics in mental health care and psychedelic therapy.  

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are more than just software products used in therapy settings; they’re defined by their intention to deliver clinical outcomes.

By taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, DTx software processes user-data and then provides therapeutic interventions to "prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease," according to the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

What Will Digital Therapeutics Do for Mental Health?

With millions of people suffering from mental health issues around the world, the industry cannot afford to maintain on its current route. That’s why DTx platforms offer so much value to individuals and care workers.  

Individuals in need of mental health care greatly outnumber mental health workers. On top of this, research shows that COVID-19 and its connected factors (job loss and isolation) are only increasing mental health challenges — not to mention, the already existing informational gaps. With lockdowns occurring around the world, digital solutions are proving more necessary to connect clinicians with their clients, as well as with other health care professionals to support the vastness of conditions and protocols.

Digital therapeutics help optimize mental health care by providing a more in-depth and user-friendly view into client status. For clinicians, access to client-data can enhance assessment accuracy and treatment efficacy.

What Does This Mean for Therapy?

  • Less time spent in clinic
  • Targeted treatment methods
  • At-home support for patients
  • Stronger clinician-client relationships
  • Better clinical outcomes

Who Will Benefit From iSTRYM DTx?

iSTRYM has the ability to enhance care beyond traditional psychiatry by keeping clinicians and their clients aligned on the goals and steps they take toward healing.  

As a platform for clinicians and an app for clients, iSTRYM brings together a plethora of partnered tools to give users all the help they can get in one place.

  • Connecting clinicians: iSTRYM provides a database of protocols that connects clinicians to a growing repository of mental health procedures. This database eliminates data silos and ensures the best care standards in psychedelic therapy are up-to-date and accessible to treatment facilities worldwide.
  • Optimizing the healing journey: Stronger relationships can help clinicians monitor and assess treatment methods and outcomes to offer better care. iSTRYM provides clinicians with a full picture of a patient’s status before, during, and after therapy sessions.
  • Personalizing mental health care: By integrating with wearables and other devices, iSTRYM, can digest user data and insights collected from language processing and biometric data. This data is then interpreted by machine learning to offer individuals supportive healing suggestions.
  • Supporting individuals at-home and in-session: Individuals in their healing journeys need all-around support. iSTRYM ensures personalized care by offering exciting mindfulness tools with various spiritual and science-based daily practices, music, breathwork, journaling, and more.  

Leading the Mental Health & Psychedelic Revolution With DTx

MINDCURE is a life-sciences company and industry leader uniquely tying together mental health care, digital therapeutics, and psychedelic healing. With our digital therapeutics software, iSTRYM, mental health care will never be the same. iSTRYM offers clinicians and their clients transparency, security, personalization, and support that surpass clinic walls.

MINDCURE is committed to building accuracy and trust into everything we do, from doing the research to creating digital tools, synthetic psychedelic substances, and partnering with integrated therapy clinics.

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