January 21, 2022

January 21, 2022

Infographic: Get to Know MINDCURE

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Let’s face it: we’ve been in the midst of a global mental health crisis since before the COVID-19 pandemic, and lockdowns haven’t exactly helped the various mental health challenges.

The good thing is the world is starting to acknowledge the problem. But recognition doesn’t necessarily heal people. So, what does? Pharmaceuticals? Treatment? Time?

There’s no one answer — and there’s no one remedy. With so many varieties of mental health issues, symptoms, and causes, the world needs better alternatives for healing. While current treatment options prioritize symptoms over root causes, companies like MINDCURE are working to remodel the mental health industry with innovations in tech and medicines.


MINDCURE is a life science company focused on innovation and commercialization of new ways to promote healing and improve mental health.

We at MINDCURE believe that, in leveraging synthetic production of ibogaine, psychedelic research into female sexual desire, and digital therapeutics software, our company can promote efficacious treatment alternatives that change the face of mental health care. By prioritizing personalization in care, we’re talking real results.  

Together, these spheres, psychedelic research and technology, set the foundation for how our story unfolds and how (and why!) our team innovates.

Psychedelic Science & Digital Therapeutics

Want to get to know MINDCURE but not too sure where to start? Between our proprietary technology, our manufacturing, and our psychedelic research projects, we realize it can be a lot to take in. This variety of expertise is something we’re proud of and what we look to for both near-term and long-term revenue generation. But, when it comes to describing our work, it’s not exactly an elevator pitch.

With the mention that we’re a psychedelics company, we usually raise a few eyebrows. So, it’s worth noting that everything we do is legal, science-based, and evidence-backed. We’re in the business of research and clinical explorations to improve care for various indications.

We’ve developed this infographic to answer all of your questions about our history, mission, market, and work.  


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