October 27, 2021

July 2, 2021

Post-COVID Anxiety: Microdosing & Meditating Your Way to Reopening

Is the thought of reopening giving you anxiety? Read this article on some ways to help ease that anxiety as you make your way back into the world.

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It's safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the society in which we live. Everyone has been impacted in both physical and mental ways by the effects of larger societal changes and also personal challenges that we’ve faced along the way.

Slowly, it feels like the world is starting to open up again.

And if you’ve been feeling some anxiety about reopening, you’re not alone. Concerns like body image being different after a year spent at home, what it will be like in crowded spaces, seeing friends you might not have spoken to in over a year — the anxiety-inducing instances seem endless.

Music, Mindfulness, & Medicine (Oh my)

Some of the ways that you can help ease the reopening anxiety you may be feeling is through the integration of breathwork and music. If you haven’t heard of breathwork before, we’re not surprised. Although it’s been practiced for centuries with proven physical and mental impacts, it’s only starting to enter the mainstream as a therapeutic practice.

Breathwork has been proven to help patients manage stress and reduce anxiety, results comparable to the effect psychedelics can have. SOMA Breath is a global school that combines ancient breathwork techniques based on pranayama with modern science to provide breathing techniques that manipulate the depth and rate of breath. 

Like breathwork, music has also been found to be a key proponent in helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is why our partnership with LUCID is the perfect complement to a healthy mental wellness journey.

With the iSTRYM app, therapists gain access to music designed for psychedelic-assisted therapies and specific psychedelic compounds that change in real-time based on patient feedback, AI-backed insights, and biometric data to intelligently perfect the experience.

The mind is a muscle, and after a long stretch at home during the pandemic, the best way to exercise it is with a little music, some patience, kindness ... and maybe some microdosing.

The Macro Effects of Microdosing

Whether as a new remedy or as a replacement for traditional anxiety medications, microdosing is one method people are taking to in order to ease reopening anxiety.

According to a study by LifeSearch, one in 10 adults are currently microdosing, which is a 43% rise since the start of the pandemic (from 7 to 10%).

Microdosing is the consumption of very small, routine doses of a psychedelic drug, like LSD or psilocybin, for reasons other than achieving hallucinogenic side effects. More often than not, people microdose to help their minds. A study by Psychopharmacology found that 79% of people who microdose reported improvements in their mental health.

While microdosing psychedelics is gaining popularity, it's not for everyone (and also, it’s not legal in most places). So, if microdosing seems too daunting for you right now, another great solution to combat nervousness, distractions, fatigue, and more is non-psychedelic mushroom supplements. Non-psychedelic, or functional, mushrooms have the ability to give you the peace and mental clarity you need to get through the day.

At MINDCURE, we understand the anxieties that COVID-19 has influenced about re-entering society. And those anxieties are on top of an already detrimental mental health crisis occurring around the world. It’s part of our mission to develop tools, medicines, and resources that promote mental health care. 

Written by

Hayley Kirsh