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October 27, 2021

May 19, 2021

What Is Mental Wealth?

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How Does Mental Wealth Fit into Your Mental Health?

Mental Wealth – a phrase you may or may not have heard before. While it fits under the umbrella of mental health, mental wealth is distinctly its own concept, based on supporting your wellness and growth.  

So, what exactly is mental wealth? Some kind of vault filled with mental gold?

Just about...

Put another way, mental wealth reflects the value you place on your mental wellness. That doesn’t necessarily mean money, but includes the time and resources you afford yourself in order to maintain healthy, mindful practices.

What's the Difference Between Mental Wealth and Mental Health?

While these two terms may sound similar, they have unique connotations involving mental wellness. Breaking down these terms can help individuals map out their mindset to better understand their healing journeys.

Mental health envelopes your overall wellness or mental status – including the ups and downs, the good and bad, and whether you’re improving or declining.  

Going back to that vault metaphor, imagine mental wealth as a bank or collection of go-to supports. And instead of just boring old gold, it’s filled with a system of mindsets, practices, technology, and habits. And yes, these tools all yours, specific to your needs and struggles.

How to Build Mental Wealth

Social media shows us snapshots into the lives of people who seem naturally mentally healthy. The comparison makes mental health struggles all the more difficult.  

The truth is, you can’t really know how another person invests in their mental wellness, the steps they take, or their status in general. As inaccurate as these snapshots are, they’re a reminder that pain and solutions are entirely subjective. Everyone has struggles and finds remedies that work for them — such as exercising, meditating, and microdosing.

Now, imagine a snapshot into your own mental health. Are you granting yourself the same amount of attention you’re giving to others?

Mental wealth involves knowing yourself deeply. It’s an investment — one that we believe should be a top priority for anyone.  

Like any investment, there are ups and downs, good days and bad ones. And if you’re focused on your mental health, you know that not everything that contributes to your growth is exactly pleasant. Breakthroughs in therapy are challenging and even painful. After all, that’s what makes mental health supports so valuable.  

Constructive mental health takes a wealth of personalized wellness tools and practices.

Whether supporting mental wellness at-home or in-therapy, no one said you had to heal on your own. Mental health tools, such as the functions provided by MINDCURE’s iSTRYM platform, support individuals in their journey to build mental wealth by utilizing data and insights that are specific to their needs, struggles, and goals.

iSTRYM also helps individuals and their therapists track progress, provides personalized AI-driven interventions, and strings together an A-team of wellness tools, such as breathwork by SOMA, music by LUCID, and language and sentiment processing by Speak. Together, these tools paint a full picture of client’s status to develop better clinical relationships and drive efficacious therapeutic outcomes.

Bringing Mental Wealth to Mental Health Care

MINDCURE is the company bringing Mental Wealth to mental health care. We develop psychedelic research programs as well as supply clinicians and their clients with supportive and integrative tools.

We're the team behind iSTRYM, a digital therapeutics platform driving personalized therapeutic outcomes in mental health care.

Written by

Kaleb Stropkovics