Build Your Career With MINDCURE

MINDCURE is a life sciences company providing a complete cycle of wellness, from psychedelic research to digital therapeutic and neuro-supportive solutions for mental health issues. We exist to reinvent the mental health care model for patients and practitioners and advance psychedelics into common and accepted care.


MINDCURE accelerates the journey toward awakening a person’s truest, fullest self.


Our tools are safe, research-backed psychedelic drugs and digital therapeutics — developed with clinical expertise and thoughtful care.


In a world that can bring challenges like burnout, trauma, and mental and physical setbacks, we are a force for healing focused on achieving breakthroughs that invite us into our richest lives.

Brand Values

Agility In Action

Agility In Action

Readiness to adapt, be flexible, collaborate toward solutions, bend without breaking, and get unstuck.

Rooted In Science

Rooted In Science

Committed to the highest standards of scientific research and practice, with an excitement to pursue innovation.

Led By Conviction

Driven to excellence by a firm belief in one another and the legitimacy and power of our work.

Expansive Thinking

Expansive Thinking

Staying actively open to growing our understanding of the world and trust in thinking without borders, both personally and professionally.

Owning Our Roles

Owning Our Roles

Individually dedicated to our own roles while collectively pursuing our mission, working with accountability, feedback, integrity, and trust in each other.

Who Are You?

  • You’re interested in life sciences, mental health, psychedelics, and technology

  • You’re amazing at what you do, but you’re ready to embrace new knowledge and perspectives to continue growing

  • You’re impassioned by change, disruption, and progress

  • You intuitive to problems and come prepared with solutions

  • You thrive on communication, strategizing, and defending

Why Work With Us?

  • A refreshing and exciting industry on the threshold of real change

  • A diverse team of experts from various backgrounds

  • Energetic and empathetic leadership

  • Learn something new everyday!

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