September 14, 2021

A New Paradigm of Mental Health Care: The Preventative Potential of Psychedelics

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in the US. In an uncharacteristically personal episode, MIND CURIOUS host Dr. Sherry Walling talks about losing her brother, Dave, to suicide in 2019. She reflects on the gaps in the mental health system that she believes contributed to his death and she explores the potential for psychedelic-assisted therapies to give hope and create better outcomes for those struggling with addiction, grief, and mental anguish. Sherry covers the importance of integration, safety, and accessibility in mental health care and why she believes psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy pose a solution.

  • Intro (0:00 – 1:44)
  • Dr. Walling’s Background (1:45 – 4:00)
  • Seeds of Her Brother Dave’s Illness (4:01 – 10:18)
  • Failures of the Current Treatment Systems (10:19 – 14:52)
  • What Psychedelics Are Capable Of (14:53 – 19:22)
  • Her Journey (19:23 – 22:38)
  • End (22:39 – 23:34)

August 24, 2021

MIND CURIOUS Goes on Summer Break

August 9, 2021

Beyond Mind and Body: Intersecting Sexuality, Spirituality, and Psychedelics

Therapy isn’t just tackling singular aspects of a person’s humanity anymore; the whole person is worth both seeing and healing. Integration will always be a core part of this process, which is where our guest comes in. Today, Dr. Walling talks with integration therapist Dee Dee Goldpaugh about their work which focuses on the use of psychedelics to recover from sexual trauma.

August 3, 2021

What Integration Actually Means to Psychedelic Medicine

Integration is partly a buzzword thrown around by corporate boards and clinicians everywhere, but it also has a simple and predictable meaning: putting things together to create something bigger. Here, we use the word to mean pairing psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions with smaller-scale, day-to-day stuff. The field of psychedelic medicine is currently exploring how this actually works, and we’ve invited Dr. Dan Engle, Laura Mae Northrup, and Stephanie Dreis.

July 27, 2021

Psychedelic Trips and Spiritual Tradition: Redefining Healing with Transformative Experiences

Making meaning of psychedelic experiences with Sam S. B. Shonkoff, Jewish scholar at GTU. We talk mysticism, divinity, Neo-Hasidism, religious interpretations, guides, and preparation in connection with psychedelic experiences.

July 19, 2021

Abandoning Expectations in Healing: Uncut with Bruce Sanguin

July 12, 2021

Meeting God: The Bond of Psychedelics & Religion

July 5, 2021

Similar Interests, Different Parties, and the Scientific Process of New Medicines

The psychedelics industry is booming. Everyone wants a piece of it — between the startup companies, the regulatory bodies, the university medical schools, and ultimately, the people in need of these products and services. As Chief Medical Officer at MINDCURE, Dr. Joel Raskin provides deep insight into the interactions between these institutions as well as his robust knowledge of the scientific process.

June 28, 2021

Queering Psychedelic Research: A Pride Special

Dr. Alex Belser, Chief Clinical Officer at Cybin, joins host Sherry Walling to take deep dive into the intersection between the LGBT and psychedelic research communities, including the history, advocacy and safety, suicide prevention, joy, and anxiety in connection with psychedelic science.

June 21, 2021

Breathwork and Non-Ordinary States with Niraj Naik

From ancient yoga practices like breathwork and shaking to just getting lost in the music, there are many ways to achieve altered states of consciousness. Today, we’re joined by Breathwork expert Niraj Naik, CEO of SOMA Breath and The Renegade Pharmacist Ltd as we dive into non-ordinary states and the breathwork that can get you there:

  • Intro (0:00 – 2:53)
  • Framing Non-Ordinary States (2:54 – 7:59)
  • What’s The Difference? (8:00 – 12:11)
  • Dr. Walling’s Interest in Breathwork (12:12 – 15:08)
  • Breaking Down Breathwork (15:09 – 24:02)
  • Music, Breathing, and Altered States of Consciousness (24:03 – 27:22)
  • Room for Movement (27:23 – 32:52)
  • Barriers to Accessing Breathwork (32:53 – 35:39)
  • End (35:40 – 37:13)

Check out his personal website:

Check out one of his guided breathwork meditations:

June 14, 2021

Unpacking Our Inner Traumas with Psychedelic Experiences

May 25, 2021

Music & Healing with Psychedelics

We’ve got a very special episode today! As we’ll discover in more detail, music and psychedelics have a very long and interconnected history where some ancient traditions are alive even today. Along with our four guests (yes, four!), we journey into their relationship scaling from a single healing session to larger subcultures such as the rave scene, as well as the exciting and realistic possibilities for the future:

  • Intro (0:00 – 2:23)
  • First Guest: Bob Fisk (2:24 – 19:56)
  • Music As a Facilitator The Music Creator’s Perspective Wrong Song, Wrong Time Knowing in Advance
  • Second Guest: Mitchell Gomez (19:57 – 35:45)
  • Why The Rave Scene? The Mission of DanceSafe Psychedelics and the Rave Scene How Important is Music in a Psychedelic Therapy Session? Consistency vs. Variety False Separation
  • Third Guest: Heather Smith (35:46 – 51:21)
  • Help or Obstacle? Expectations vs. Reality How the Researchers Do It Learning to DJ on the Fly A Very Short Story Music in the Integration Process
  • Last Guest: Zach McMahon (51:22 – 71:51)
  • About LUCID What Is Actually Being Measured? Music to Personalize the Psychedelic Experience Music as a Humanizing Tool Why Music?
  • End and Special Treat (71:52 – 77:23)

May 24, 2021

Hacking Into Your Inner State with Digital Therapeutics and Psychedelic Therapy

May 24, 2021

Welcome to the Conversation About Psychedelics

Welcome to MIND CURIOUS! In this podcast, we explore big themes of human well-being such as existential dilemmas, how to heal, and how psychedelics can play a role in all of it. We dive deep and test our understanding of these important topics while talking to experts in the field who know how to tap into the mind’s curiosities. Let’s dive in:

Ibogaine and its Enormous Anti-Addictive Potential

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound extracted from the root of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub, native to the Congo and Gabon. The compound offers therapeutic potential for neurological disorders and is claimed to be among the most powerful anti-addiction drugs. However, natural sources of ibogaine are extremely limited and these plants are at risk of extinction due to the growing global demand and environmental pressures threatening their natural habitat. This episode, which features Fawad Kalsi, Dr. Dan Engle, and Hamilton Morris covers all things ibogaine. What is it? How can it be used in healing? And how can this rare, endangered plant be accessed sustainably?

Intro (0:00 – 1:53)

First Guest: Fawad Kalsi (1:54 – 21:12)

  • How His Addiction Started
  • Learning About Ibogaine (From Law & Order)
  • His Journey Through Treatment

Second Guest: Dr. Dan Engle (21:13 – 32:14)

  • Exciting Times
  • The Research on Ibogaine

Third Guest: Hamilton Morris (32:15 – 40:34)

  • Ibogaine’s Potential
  • Natural vs Synthetic Ibogaine
  • End (40:35 – 42:27)

Sustainability, Reciprocity, & Regenerative Strategies for Psychedelic Research

The enthusiasm about psychedelic-assisted therapies has a dark side. Without intention and caution, the psychedelic community risks repeating the colonial sins of the past. We are in danger of taking the resources we want and value without concern for, and often to the detriment of, the people and ecosystems who have grown and preserved those resources for a millennium. Today’s far-reaching conversation touches on the people and plants that have held sacred medicine.

Guests: Leia Freedman and Joseph Mays