June 14, 2021

Unpacking the Stories of Our Bodies

Thanks to Descarte, modern medicine has constructed an arbitrary barrier between the mind and the body. They say it’s all in your head, but is it really? We are not segmented beings, our bodies carry us through all the experiences in our lives — the pleasures and the traumas. Trauma leaves an imprint on the body! Can psychedelics help us access and integrate the mind and body?

May 25, 2021

Music and Healing With Psychedelics

What part does music play in psychedelic therapy? When it comes to the power of music in one's life, how does it play out in our journeys?

May 24, 2021

So You're Curious, Huh!

Welcome to MIND CURIOUS, a podcast where we explore big themes of human well-being: existential dilemma, consciousness, meaning, pleasure, healing. We curiously ask how psychedelics can play a role... Why have psychedelics risen like a phoenix from the ashes of a global mental health crisis? Are they the elixir? This podcast is designed for therapists, health optimizers, curious psychonauts and those looking to explore the potential of psychedelic compounds. We dive deep and test our understanding of what consciousness is, while talking to experts in the field who are no strangers to tapping into the curiosities of the mind. I am your host, Sherry Walling. Let’s dive in.

May 24, 2021

Hacking Into You

Humans are notoriously amazing at self-distortion. We don’t accurately recognize our internal states and many of us are terribly disconnected from the body’s cues. Technology offers a tremendous resource- true insight into our body and brain via sleep monitoring, heart rate variability and other indicators of inner state. How do we use this data well? How do centralized repositories of data move healing forward? What are the dangers of crowdsourcing therapeutic processes?