Synthetic Production of Pharmaceutical Grade Ibogaine

Mental health issues are an increasing global issue. While ibogaine presents exciting opportunities to improve the quality of life for many, inaccessibility to a reliable supply of pharmaceutical grade ibogaine limits opportunities for research, product, and protocol development.

Primary Psychadelic Data

MINDCURE is manufacturing pharmaceutical grade ibogaine to improve access for researchers and clinicians working to create safe and effective treatment options for patients with key indications.

A Growing Need

The need for ibogaine in both research and therapeutic settings will grow vastly over the years as scientists investigate and discover further indications. Potential therapeutic uses from preliminary data include:

Neuropathic Pain
Cluster Headaches
Treatment-resistant mood disorders

Why Synthesis Matters

Creating an Opportunity for Psychedelic Researchers

By synthesizing pharmaceutical grade ibogaine, MINDCURE is creating the opportunity for a sustainable, high-quality, and regulated supply to be used by researchers conducting clinical trials, and eventually, clinicians providing psychedelic therapy.

Creating an Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainable Supply

As a leader in psychedelics, MINDCURE recognizes the value of the iboga plant as a rare and diminishing resource. Our sustainable approach to manufacturing synthetic ibogaine enables us to provide approved research partners and treatment facilities with access to a safe, reliable, and efficacious supply to help drive towards and create better treatment outcomes without further endangering the iboga plant.

Clinical Drug Research

MINDCURE explores opportunities to address mental health indications with psychedelic and non-psychedelic compounds, supported by our team of respected and experienced med-chem and clinical research advisors.


Dr. Dan Engle will lead as principal investigator of MINDCURE’s study into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic compounds for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and related conditions.

Survivors of TBI can face symptoms that last from a few days to the rest of their lives, including issues related to emotional functioning (e.g., personality changes and depression) along with impairments related to thinking or memory.

Dr. Dan Engle, MD

Primary Investigator

Current Research


IRB Approved Psychedelic Integration Study

Veritas IRB has approved an unconditional ethics approval for MINDCURE’s integration protocol research study. This study effectively serves to ensure the development of iSTRYM involves only the highest standards of ethical practices, in order to best serve clinicians, their clients, and the entire psychedelics industry.

Real World Experience Data Capture With ATMA

ATMA, Canada’s first commercial treatment center to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy, has partnered with MINDCURE to initiate the deployment of MINDCURE’s iSTRYM technology. In helping to optimize treatments for ATMA patients, iSTRYM will collect data to lay the foundation for iSTRYM’s database to grow as a powerful platform trusted by clinicians and clients around the world.

iSTRYM will support ATMA’s practitioners by structuring data regarding patient care, procedures, and protocols. It will also help patients integrate therapy practices in-session and post-session.

How We Work

MINDCURE’s research starts with identifying opportunities to improve how the world treats mental health issues. Then, we develop solutions for commercialization. PsyCollage provides the data and tools necessary to make informed decisions on how to spend our resources for the best outcomes.

Identifying Opportunities With PSYCOLLAGE™

PsyCollage is MINDCURE’s first-generation bioinformatics platform that identifies and distills documented research to accelerate our clinical work. PsyCollage mines and optimizes the vast body of knowledge in psychedelic research to help us plan, adapt, and execute research programs with confidence.

Research Knowledge


Novel Molecules

Drug Development

Statistical Analysis

These factors inform our product discovery sphere, enabling us to develop appropriate and targeted solutions.